Partnerships and Media

Why Things Dangerous? There’s no shortage of websites out there competing for your attention, and even global news is a crowded field. With time and cash at a premium, why trust me? In a word: credibility. I’ve been writing for a living since 2012, and before that representing clients as a litigator. I live and breathe relationships, and this business is my home.

I’ve been telling stories for a living my entire adult life, so… let’s figure out a great way to tell yours.

ExperienceWriter's Block On Naxos, Greece

With experience comes… well, a bit of wisdom, but certainly quite a lot of know-how. Working with Things Dangerous you can count on the same degree of professionalism that has made me a staple voice at The Street and has impressed editors from local papers such as The New Britain Herald to national voices like the Huffington Post.

I don’t just make promises. From conflict zones to courtrooms, I deliver.

Original Storytelling

If life is made of relationships, journalism positively lives and dies on who will take your calls. Thanks to the years I’ve invested in this job I have the contacts to make a story come to life, and the work ethic to make sure the job gets done right whether it’s a piece on local food or human rights reporting.

What that means for you is no investing in some 500 word essay that was clearly cobbled together off of Wikipedia at midnight (a distressingly common phenomenon in the high-volume world of journalism). When you sponsor a product it will be something you can be proud of, and something no one else has.

In The Ruins of Angkor Wat, Cambodia 2012Representation

While I’m a journalist first and foremost, I also love working with my partners to figure out the best way to tell their story. It’s what I spent years doing on behalf of my clients as a lawyer.

And it’s not always easy. The balance between journalism and the partnerships that sponsor it is tricky, and has only gotten harder online. After all, nothing turns off audiences (or reporters) faster than content that sounds like it was written in lieu of ad copy. That’s where I come in, whether it’s teasing out new narratives or pairing your image with a story that’s waiting to be told.


Reach out by e-mail at eric -at-, or over at my Contact page to find out more.